Hand Painted Art Boxes

Here at Menchaca Chocolates, we are continually finding ways to marry Art and Chocolate. We offer the highest quality craft chocolate to you in a way that conjures the art of romance, dreams of love, and hidden memories of childhood! We have a line of hand-painted wooden boxes where you can choose the style, size, and amount of chocolate you want it to be filled with. In the product options, choose between all dark, all milk, or an assortment and we will fill your box with our freshly made chocolate of that season! In the notes section, you can add any desires and we will try to meet your needs (ex. no nuts or coconut, blue-tinted box).

We make these to order so please allow 4 days to ship. All these boxes are keepsakes even after the chocolate is gone so please re-see their purpose! In a world of mass production, these boxes enhance the romance of old and take us back to a slower time where everything was made by hand and our chocolate is just that.

Enjoy from our hands to yours, xoxo Pete & LeAnne