4 oz. Bag of Chaca Snax

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A Bite Bag of your favorite Chaca Snax. Pick one or get an assortment of them all! 


Instead of your normal pretzel dips, we went one step further and used a sweet honey and wheat pretzel and dipped it in Menchaca's Dark Chocolate. Every piece is dipped by hand with patience, love, and meditation (really?). Great to throw in kid's lunches for a special little surprise.


You heard right! Chili Chicharrones (Pork Rinds) dipped by hand in Menchaca's Dark Chocolate. An unimaginable surprise in our new Chaca Snax line. Not sure how to describe why these work but they are unbelievably addicting. You've been warned! We suggest you buy 4 bags of these because you won't want to share. Customer favorite… really!


This Chaca Snax is the spicy marriage between opposites. Smokey Almonds dipped in Menchaca's Dark handcrafted chocolate. We suggest ordering 2 bags, so you have enough to share. These are protein packed and extremely satisfying.

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