Traveler's Suitcase (11 oz.)

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Hand-painted in a variety of vintage suitcase colors, this little piece of luggage is designed to take you back in time as if you had collected memorabilia stickers everywhere you went in Santa Barbara, Ca. in the 1950’s. The same time when my parents were honeymooning at The Miramar Hotel and Pete’s family moved here from Canoga Park. This collector's Storytellers Art Box may end up in our permanent heritage line as a true testament of life and love experienced in Santa Barbara.

Filled with your choice of dark, milk or an assortment of dark, milk & white chocolate. All boxes come with an assortment of:

  • Barks with nuts
  • Peanut butter Bonbons
  • Protein Balls with oatmeal and dates
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Dried spiced mango dipped in dark chocolate