Explorer's Cigar Box (16 oz.)

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For our first Father’s Day Box we thought we’d reintroduce our very first box that paid homage to the wooden Cuban cigar box. It seemed to be a hit with the men and this year it will be filled with more “manly, rustic chocolate!” (says Pete).

Included will be an assortment of either all dark, all milk or a mix of both including white chocolate! You'll get big pieces of Bark, Balls, Sticks & Chips! Or in other, less macho words:

  • 3 barks with nuts
  • Peanut butter bonbons & protein balls with oatmeal and dates
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Dried spiced mango dipped in dark chocolate
  • A chocolate bar with bacon on top! Ha! No frilly truffles here (says Pete again)!

When the chocolate is gone the box can be reused to continue to collect memories in any way he sees fit. I think fathers are hard to buy for so this should help make it easier!