All the below projects will have THE ART BAR supplies to decorate your Boxes, Bars and Bark.!!!!  Including our "NEW" Cacao Butter Paint Kit! Choose the project or the price point you want and we will customize it when you get here.

We have special edible; dried flowers, chocolate molds of little flower embellishments and edible rice wafer flowers especially for quality time with friends or to make a unique personalize Chocolate Box filled with your favorite chocolate.



 Build your own custom Chocolate Bar. After choosing your Dark or Milk Chocolate, you will be given a mold of warm FLUID chocolate where you can then add your desired toppings to create a one of a kind bar. While the chocolate hardens, you'll have the option to complete the process by painting the wrapper (card stock Box Carton) naming it, and then signing it using the available art supplies at THE ART BAR. Once your Bar has hardened, you can wrap it in foil and attach your newly created wrapper. Each bar weighs approx. 3.5oz. with inclusions. (That's a BIG BAR!) Takes about 20 - 45 mins.  
    2 Bars (7 oz) - $28   3 Bars (10 oz) - $42    Add'l Bars $14 ea


Make Your Own


We are open for you to come in and make your own Chocolate Tile - 14oz of Chocolate with many toppings to choose from. Comes with a decorative wooden tray and hammer.   Approx. 30 mins.  Exactly what your making  is pictured below.
  $45 pp 


Create your very own hand painted Chocolate Box! The Box’s are raw wood and have a metal hinge. "The ART BAR" is filled with many different art supplies to inspire your personalized Box design. You then make your own Bars or Bark to fill your box! Or you can  fill with your choice of chocolates from our little Chocolate Shop.  

Time varies with size of box and how elaborate you decorate your box! Approx. 30 mins to 1 1/2 hr
  • Small Box (3x3x3) and 6 oz. 3 square Bars  - $34  
  • Medium Box (6x4x2) and 8 oz. 4 rectangular Bars or Bark - $45 
  • Large Box (9.5 x7x2) and 16 oz. 4 Bars or or 16 oz Bark -$65 



First you will be painting, decorating and embellishing your Tile (tray) of your size choice. Then we pour  Dark or Milk chocolate into the back side of the tile as it is now a tray of chocolate. You then can create an image, landscape or self portrait using the variety of food inclusions at your finger tips. Yes! Here you can play with your food! The "Bark Only" activity is simply no tray-just Bark.  Comes with a little wooden hammer to break apart your Bark and serve. Makes for a wonderful gift to bring to a dinner party! Approx. 1 lb. of chocolate. Workshop will take approx. 45 mins. 


  •  Bark with Large Tile (9x9) 14 oz - $45
  • Bark in a bag  16 oz. - $28 


More Info:

 The Chocolate & Art Workshops supply everything you need to make your own unique custom Craft Chocolate Bars, Barks, and Boxes.  The "ART BAR" will be filled withl Art Supplies to create and paint to your hearts content. The activities are self guided and individually paced depending on your choice of the four activities (above). Perfect if you love chocolate & love making unique stuff AND want to spend some creative time with someone special making gifts or just for yourself.


We will be serving Hot/Cold Cacao Husk Tea & Hot Cacao (seasonally).  BYOB + glasses & opener if you'd like.

LOCATION - 4141 State Street E-1, Santa Barbara, CA
All workshops are held at Menchaca Chocolates Factory/Shop in El Mercado, right off the 154 highway. We are halfway in and to the right! 

Available Art Materials in "THE ART BAR":
  • acrylic paint pens
  • ink pads & stamps
  • Stickers & rub on transfers
  • paint daubers for stencils
  • colored pencils
  • Ink brush pens
  • fine liners
  • washi tape 
  • Cacao Butter Paint "New"                                                                                                                                                                                                   Find a Date THEN find an Activity Option (above) that you'd like to do or a price point that is good for you. Click RESERVE WORKSHOP  button (botton right corner) and Click the date... the activity options are in the drop down menu. Projects can be altered will be chosen once you get here.

Mr. Menchaca's Magical Micro-Batch CHOCOLATE FACTORY TALK 



A "five senses" run through on how chocolate is made and how the machines work to turn a cacao pod into creamy, snappy, smooth delicious CHOCOLATE!  Includes lots of free tastes, smells, sounds and feels too! 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm on  Fridays & Saturdays!



If you are Team Building Office Party, a Group or a Birthday/Bachelorette Party, please call 646-369-7277 to set your own Chocolate & Art Party's date and time. Art instruction, the "ART BAR", protective wear, lots of Chocolate tastings and a cup of our Cacao Husk Tea are included in the price. 
Group Reservation (5 to 10 people) on Fridays & Saturdays is $150. (plus each persons chosen Chocolaty Activity cost. Above!) During this time we may have other makers at other tables.

Private Party Reservation ( 2 -10 people) is $425 for a Day, Time AND activity of your choice.  (any extra people will only be charged for their chosen activity)  This option you have the whole place to yourselves.

Most Groups & Private Parties spend 1 to 2 hours depending on their Artistic  enthusiasm! Groups or Private Party Price will be used as a Deposit to confirm your Reservation. (Venmo preferred) Any people past ten or additional activities will be charged at the time of Event. 
We will be creating special Themed Workshops around each of our six Chocolaty seasons in addition to the above regular Friday & Saturday Builds: Dia de Muertos (Halloween), Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter,  Mothers Day & Fiesta!


For the chocolate lover who wants to document the adventures of life through  experience of making chocolate and it's artful /reusable packaging, Join the Chocolate Club.  We will send no more then one email a month, to give you the dates and Workshop project details.


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