What Makes our Chocolates Amazing?

We are Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers creating seven types of VEGAN Chocolate:

Dark chocolate (60, 70, 80, & 90% Cacao)
Milk chocolate (40% Cacao)
White Chocolate
Strawberry White Chocolate


We use Certified Direct Trade beans from Cahabon, Guatemala and Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador.

For our dark chocolate lovers, we use premium ingredients which include organic cane sugar, naturally deodorized cacao butter, and a pinch of non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin.

To keep our chocolate vegan-friendly (and create a rich creaminess), we add oat milk powder to our milk, white, and strawberry flavors.


Crafting fine chocolate means we can experiment with each bean's origin, adjusting roasting profiles and showcasing regional farms in our small batches. We don't use any bulk fillers, stabilizers, or preservatives. Our process involves roasting, cracking, winnowing, followed by blending, tempering, and molding the liquid chocolate.

Our passion extends to our packaging, featuring original artwork on labels and hand-painted boxes. Handmade is a rarity these days, but it's what drives our passion, and we hope you can taste it in every bite.

XOXO Pete & LeAnne